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Anthony Roussel

Software & DevOps Engineer

Work Experience

Software Engineer - Skello
June 2022 - September 2023

Development of Serverless APIs, dedicated to assisting businesses in streamlining employee scheduling processes and optimizing workforce management strategies.

  • Developed REST APIs using TypeScript and front-end applications using Vue

  • Migrated services from Rails monolith to event-driven AWS Lambda serverless architecture

  • Provided technical guidance to developer teams on AWS Cloud, Serverless and best practices

Skills: AWS (EC2, Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, Kinesis, S3, CodeBuild, SSM, Secrets Manager), Serverless framework, Github Actions, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Typescript, Vue, Datadog

Software Engineer - Vialink
April 2019 - April 2022

Development of APIs dedicated to simplifying the customer experience in banking and insurance branches, while proactively enhancing fraud detection measures.

  • Developed REST APIs using Java/Spring Boot and front-end applications using Angular/TypeScript

  • Migrated applications to Kubernetes for enhanced scalability, and minimal downtime deployments

  • Monitored services using Prometheus stack to proactively identify and address potential issues

  • Reduced deployment time and human errors by implementing CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins

  • Addressed MariaDB performance issues to reduce query response times and stabilize cluster

Skills: Kubernetes (Kustomize, Helm, HPA, Network Policies), Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, Jenkins, Renovate, Java, Spring Boot, MariaDB, MongoDB, OAuth2, Typescript, Angular, Maven

Software Engineer - Groupe Beaumanoir
January 2015 - September 2018

Development of business applications focusing on streamlining in-store processes and optimizing stock flows in stores using RFID technology and a highly distributed system.

  • Developed applications on Windows Mobile PDAs (650+ mobile devices)

  • Developed REST APIs using Java/Dropwizard and front-end applications using Angular.js

  • Enhanced features of the distributed RFID-servers platform (550+ servers fleet)

  • Implemented a Data Warehouse (Oracle) to analyze RFID data and provide KPIs (Qlikview)

  • Participated in feasibility studies, client needs analysis, and specification writing

Skills:, RFID, Linux, Jenkins, Gitlab, Sonar, PostgreSQL, Docker, Angular.js, Java, Dropwizard, Oracle, Qlikview


Software Engineer & Volunteer - La Fourmilière
April 2022 - present

La Fourmilière website connects associations from Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) sector with volunteers, offering them commitment-free volunteering missions.

  • Provisioned the infrastructure, developed new functionalities, and technical redesigned the website

  • Involved in the association's organization and of social & ecological festivals

Skills: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Terraform, Ansible, AWS (SES, S3, CloudFront, CloudWatch, SSM, IAM, SSO), OVH, Linux, Prometheus, Github Actions, React

Package Maintainer - NixOS
January 2022 - present

NixOS stands out as a declarative and purely functional Linux distribution & package manager, enabling reproducible builds, atomic upgrades, and effortless system rollbacks.

  • Maintained 60+ packages and modules, ensuring their stability, functionality and updates

  • Contributed to various community projects such as Shadow Nix, Stylix and Home Manager


Master's Degree Information Technology - INSA Lyon
2015 - 2018
  • Web Development (HTML5, REST APIs, Python, Flask)
  • Programming Languages & Algorithmics (C, Java, JavaScript, Go, Clojure, Python, Flask)
  • Networking (TCP, UDP, RIP, OSPF, NAT, BGP, IPv6) & Security (VPN, TLS, PGP)
  • Distributed Systems (Thrift, Web Services, P2P, consensus, Raft, Paxos, Docker)


French (Native)
English (Proficient)